Concept of the event

Local Development Forum is a unique international platform for the exchange of experience on regional and local development, and the only in the scale of Western Ukraine discussion platform regarding perspectives of coordinating the efforts of local and national authorities, business and non-governmental organizations to ensure sustainable development and smart growth of the areas. Set up in 2016, Truskavets Forum is the first event in Ukraine for a wide discussion on the strategic planning of the Carpathians, international cooperation of Carpathian countries in the field of environmental protection, improving access to the region and the preservation of historical and cultural heritage, as well as cooperation of self-governing bodies of the Carpathian region within the European Union. The main objective of the event is strengthening the role of local self-governments, including the self-governments from the Carpathian region, in regional development on the EU scale.
Both projects implemented in the form of Local Development Forum are behind. Today we are looking ahead and gradually doing puzzles of a new event that is to be held in Truskavets on June 21–23, 2018. We already discern not only outlines of the leading topics, but also individual panel discussions, which I believe will be interesting and ferce at the same time. As always, we will focus on the Carpathians, the topic that unites, integrates into work, and above all inspires dozens of indifferent people in Ukraine and all countries of the largest European arc. We can not avoid interregional cooperation, its successful cases and plans for the future. The efforts that we put together in solving the problems in the Eastern Ukraine, where, unfortunately, the Russian-Ukrainian war drags on, need new energy, new hands, minds and freshly generated ideas. Finally, local development itself… At the Forum you will be able to learn about the successes of your colleagues, future partners, and set up a new agenda for the near future.

We invite you to participate in the Local Development Forum-2018. Registration starts from March on the website

Oleksandr Hanushchyn Chairman of Lviv Regional Council, Chairman of the Board of Association «Euroregion Carpathians — Ukraine»

Concept of the Forum-2018

Scale international event
Frequency annual event
Duration three-day event, June 21-23, 2018
Venue RIXOS-PRYKARPATTYA, 8 Horodyshche str., Truskavets, Ukraine
Format plenary discussions, thematic panel discussions, Funding Fair, working meetings of the representatives of the parliaments, ministries, self-governments of the Carpathian countries, additional events.
Thematic Directions of the event
  • Instruments of sustainable development of the Carpathian region
  • Possibilities of regional and local development support
  • East and West together: regional dimension of the ukrainian solidarity
Participants UkraIne, Poland, AustrIa, Slovak republic, RomanIa, Hungary, Czech republic, Moldova, eu representatives
  • representatives of regional and local self-governments
  • Ukrainian and foreign experts in local self-government
  • representatives of regional authorities
  • representatives of international organizations and diplomatic corps
  • representatives of the NGOs and think tanks
  • representatives of parliaments and governments, including eu representatives
  • representatives of international technical assistance programmes working in ukraine
  • representatives of business
Number of Participants 400+ people
Event organizers Lviv Regional Council Association of self-governments “Euroregion Carpathians—Ukraine” Regional Association of Local Councils “Councils of Lviv Region” NGO “Local Development Forum”

Partners 2018


inStitutional anD Financial PartnerS are inViteD For cooPeration

History of Forum 2016


Over 150 participants

Representatives of Ukraine and Poland

4 discussion panels

Key Fields:

  • Decentralization: vectors for capacity-building of local communities development
  • Cross-border cooperation in ukraine
  • Cooperation between the parliament and local self-government bodies: opportunities and the best practices
Bilateral meeting between Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy and Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland Marek Kuchcinski, as well as a working meeting of parliamentary delegations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Sejm of the Republic of Poland.

History of Forum 2017

Over 400 participants

Representatives of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania

12 discussion panels

Key Fields:

  • Development of international and interregional cooperation in the Carpathians
  • Decentralization reform in ukraine, problems and prospects of the development of amalgamated communities
The frst in Ukraine presentation of the idea of the EU macro-regional strategy for the Carpathian region during the plenary discussion «Carpathian macro-regional strategy: can we create a new quality of cooperation in the center of Europe».

Honorary guests

Regional cooperation is a way to provide a new quality of life in the Carpathian region, ensure its revival and reconstruction

Andriy Parubiy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Truskavets becomes one of the centres of designing the Strategy of the Carpathian Euroregion development Marek Kuchcinski Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland
The Government of Ukraine is ready to engage in work on the Carpathian Strategy and contribute to its development as much as possible Ivanna Klympush-tsintsadze Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine
The Carpathians should unite us, not divide Jerzy Kwiecinski Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Poland
I am convinced that the Forum will give a new impetus to support and implement Carpathian macro-regional strategy in the future, because it is a key to success Viacheslav Nehoda First Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine
All projects of the Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine will contribute to economic and social development of our regions Adam Hamryszczak Vice Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Poland
The Committee of the Regions is ready to help Ukraine in the process of decentralization Slawomir Sosnowski Member of the Committee of the Regions, Marshal of the Lubelskie Voivodeship of the Republic of Poland
Cooperation provides a ground for the rapid establishment of relationship between us. These are simple human relations, and in the future these will be business relations Leszek Buller Director of the Center of European Projects

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Media about the Forum

Live broadcasts:
For the frst time in Ukraine at Local Development Forum a Macro-regional Strategy for the Carpathians was presented. It is a kind of association around a common objective of the countries united by the Carpathians.
Local Development Forum brings together advocates of the Carpathians
Parliament speakers of eight countries are invited to the Local Development Forum in Lviv Region
ІІ Local Development Forum has started in Truskavets
Development strategy and decentralization success: Local Development Forum took place
During the Forum more than 10 plenary discussions took place. In addition, the event has become an open platform where its participants could hold a successful dialogue and negotiations through personal meetings.
Second Local Development Forum has started in Truskavets. Its main topics are development of the Carpathian region, decentralization processes, cross-border cooperation and energy efciency
International Forum of the regional development of the Carpathians took place in Truskavets
Participants of Local Development Forum discussed the prospect of Ukraine’s participation in the Carpathian macroregional strategy, noting that it will have positive results not only for the inhabitants of the Carpathian region but also for strengthening Ukraine-EU relations and Polish-Ukrainian relations in particular

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