In particular, Head of Lviv Regional Council Oleksandr Hanushchyn stressed upon necessity of elaborating a separate state program of development mountainous regions since with its absence it would be difficult to solve ecological and infrastructure problems of the Carpathians.

“As for roads in mountainous districts there should be a separate amendment. It will enable not only to solve the road problem but also its social constituent, Ambulances will be able to react fast to calls, tourists will easily reach any tourist destination in the Carpathians. Furthermore, a well-developed infrastructure will attract investors,” explained Oleksandr Hanushchyn.

According to him, it is not enough to appeal for help to partners from European Union and the state also has to make efforts to develop a potentially perspective region.

“Tourism, green tourism, trans border cooperation are the dimensions which can develop independently to some extent. However, they can be reinforced by the funds from the State Budget,” assured the Head of Lviv Regional Council.

To his mind, State program must be elaborated next year or by 2018 the latest.

“It is commendable that we fell support of our initiatives on the part of the Ministry of Regional Development where they are ready to appoint self-government authorities and not the state sector as operators of this program. Today we have not only to state the level of Ukrainian Carpathians problems but also to look for ways of their solutions. State Program is one of the means to lead mountainous regions onto the new level,” summarized the results of the meeting Oleksandr Hanushchyn.